B2B services: Content partner for agencies

Why do we offer B2B services? Experienced SEO copywriters and content professionals to find or build in the daily business of many web agencies is simply not possible. Therefore, content production either is not offered, or planners or programmers are plagued with the creation of content. Without a specialization in SEO texts and continuous expansion of knowledge about content creation, the result of the Google ranking is then unfortunately rather mediocre, than top-ranking material. The same applies to print texts. For this reason, our company offers cooperation with web and SEO agencies in the sense of B2B services.

As a content partner, our company manages agency partners in the field of design, web development and SEO in content development for their customer projects. These B2B services enrich projects and exploit the strength of interdisciplinary perspectives.

Strong in cooperation

Why do B2B services enrich the overall performance? The team of the content agency from Mattighofen (Upper Austria) always strives for enthusiastic customers! For this we consider intensive networking with our colleagues from the agency scene as an important building block. Sharing marketing expertise in projects leads to maximum success in marketing campaigns and enriches the teams. This network approach enables full-service agency services by specialists in their marketing discipline. In this way, together with our partners, we generate enthusiastic customers without producing the overhead of a major agency.

Together to provide content marketing

Even for the increasingly popular content marketing sector, web agencies must expect an increased demand for well thought-out and optimized web content. Our company specializes in the conception, planning and implementation of strong content marketing content. As a logical continuation of classic SEO content, we offer the full spectrum of content marketing for this area with blog texts, extended web content and social media marketing. Including these marketing tools as an important future segment of web marketing in the range of services is recommended to every web agency.

Individual cooperation models

B2B services are as individual as our partners. We offer agencies for their customer projects the creation of search engine optimized (SEO) texts and print texts by our experienced SEO copywriters. Our copywriting team takes over (if desired) the direct contact to the customer or keeps in the background. (The exact rules of the game for customer contact design our agency partners.) We work successfully and productively on successful customer projects with various advertising, marketing and SEO agencies from Austria and Germany!

Joint projects with HO communication

The pricing in the external allocation of search engine optimized texts and print texts is a sensitive and crucial point for many web and advertising agencies.Our company offers B2B hourly rates, which reward your acquisition activities accordingly and which you can integrate well in project calculations. Absolute secrecy and discretion, and – on request – the signing of confidentiality statements are understood. With us, your SEO projects are in good hands! Enrich your portfolio with the services of an experienced content agency from Upper Austria.