Situation with social media in different countries

Social media marketing means to use for corporate communication. Social media is a relatively cheap marketing tool with a long reach. Informing, inspiring and mobilizing people are our goals for social media marketing for companies.

With the help of social media regular contact points to your customers are compiled and the image of your company is characterized in a positive way. You will learn what your customers think about your company and its products and can intervene in these discussions. These two features go hand in hand with Content Marketing:

The social networks provide space for the targeted dissemination of content and messages. This opportunity should not be wasted! We recommend our customers to integrate social media marketing for the distribution of content (content seeding) in online marketing strategies.

Take advantage of the potential and actively participate in these discussions:

  • You receive direct customer feedback.
  • You can respond quickly to questions and feedback.
  • Customer reviews are considered an authentic quality feature.
  • You get a detailed analysis of the reach and responses to posts.

This possibility of direct communication with potential new customers and regular customers is an important element of contemporary social media marketing.


Social networks play a major role in the political mobilization of many African states. According to experts, no other continent uses the social media so much for political exchange and mobilization. And that’s what scares many rulers.

The General Inspector of the Ghanaian police now announced a possible Internet ban, including social networks, for the November elections to “prevent the social media from using misleading information that could destabilize the country.” A similar development has also been observed in Uganda: the elections won by the long-time ruler Yoweri Museveni severely restricted the Internet and the government of Congo-Brazzaville pursued a similar strategy during the elections.

In Burundi, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville and Niger, social networks have been massively curtailed in the past.

Positive benefits of social media

The example of Nigeria proves that social media can play a positive role in the politics of many states. There Facebook, Twitter and Co. were used to verify the interim results of the elections. All interim results published under the hashtag NigeriaDecides were analyzed and evaluated by the approximately 10,000 election observers in the country.

In addition, the Nigerian police are also using the social media to handle complaints about their officials. A large part of these complaints are received through the social media. Since the beginning of the project in November 2015, 2000 cases have been processed and 17 cases against civil servants have been initiated.