The Key Features of Virtual Data Room Providers

The Key Features of Virtual Data Room Providers

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Virtual data room security tools should provide protection against unauthorized changes to information by an intruder during its transmission over communication channels.

The Principle of virtual data room providers’ Work

Controlling the transfer of privileges is essential for the effective operation of the entire security policy in virtual data room providers. If the privilege scheme does not adequately reflect the organizational structure of the enterprise or does not allow security administrators to flexibly manipulate it to ensure operational efficiency, security becomes onerous and provokes attempts to bypass it.

The separation of functional responsibilities in data room software implies the organization of work with data in such a way that in each of the key stages that make up a single critical, from the point of view of integrity, the process requires the participation of different users. This ensures that it is impossible for one user to complete the entire process (or even two of its stages) in order to violate the integrity of the data. In ordinary life, an example of the embodiment of this principle is the transfer of one half of the password for access to the nuclear reactor control program to the first system administrator, and the other to the second.

An audit of past events with , including the ability to reconstruct a complete picture of what happened, is a preventive measure against potential violators. The principle of objective control is also one of the cornerstones of the integrity control policy. The essence of this principle is that data integrity control makes sense only when this data reflects the real state of affairs. In this regard, Clark and Wilson point out the need for regular checks in order to identify possible inconsistencies between the protected data and the objective reality that they reflect.

The principle of ensuring continuous operation includes protection against disruptions, natural disasters, and other force majeure circumstances. Ease of use of protective mechanisms is necessary, among other things, so that users do not seek to bypass them as interfering with “normal” work. In addition, simpler circuits are generally more reliable. Ease of use of protective mechanisms implies that the safest way to operate the system will also be the simplest, and vice versa, the simplest is the most secure. When transporting information, both the integrity and the authenticity of the information should be protected. The source transforms the original data and transmits it to the receiver along with some application that provides cipher redundancy.

The Best Characteristics of Virtual Data Room Providers

The key features of the virtual data room providers are:

  • Create favorable conditions for normal functioning in an unstable environment;
  • Protect your own safety;
  • The ability to legally protect their own interests from illegal actions of competitors;
  • Provide the employee with the safety of life and health.
  • Prevent the possibility of material and financial theft, distortion, disclosure, and leakage of confidential information, waste, industrial violations, destruction of property and ensure normal production activities;
  • High-quality information security with data room software for specialists is a system of measures that ensures: protection from illegal actions, compliance with laws to avoid legal penalties and sanctions, protection against criminal actions of competitors, protection from employee dishonesty.

These measures apply in the following areas:

  1. Production (to save material values);
  2. Commercial (for evaluating partnerships and legal protection of personal interests);
  3. Informational (to determine the value of the information received, its further use and transmission, as an additional way to prevent theft);
  4. To provide the enterprise with qualified personnel.